Service Statement

Dax International specialise in supply of electrical connectors to Aerospace and Defence Industries.

We have developed an enviable reputation for customer service by listening to our customers and giving them what they want, when they want it.

We have built our success since June 2000 on combining the sourcing and purchasing knowledge that comes from years of industry experience with a total dedication to service.

In an industry which is increasingly dominated by big company attitudes, we give clients the level of attention and response they thought had gone forever. We work just as hard to source a single component as we will for an order of 500, because we know that’s the way to build confidence and keep customers.

Our customers tell us we take away the pain of component sourcing. The component world is immensely complex, with many manufacturers producing thousands of components, all with their own proprietary part numbers. Our knowledge of the manufacturing base allows us to go straight to the best source for each order.

The Dax International service includes, Component Sourcing, Stock Holding Agreements, Schedule Management, Kitting, P.P.Q Requirements and Harness Management. The details of each of our service commitments are detailed in the following pages.

Allow us to be your guide through the technical minefield.