Quality Statement

Quality is not optional in the component industry, but at Dax we go further. We have set out to make sure that for our clients there are no question marks where quality is concerned. All components are fully traceable, right back to the production line.

Our monthly quality audits ensure that we maintain the highest possible standards in terms of both product and service. Our full Quality Policy Statement is detailed below:

It is the policy of Dax International Limited to supply products that fully comply to agreed requirements and expectations of its customers. In order to meet its policy, Dax International Limited operates its business activities in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Dax International will meet customer requirements and expectations by purchasing products only from suppliers who meet the Dax supplier approval criteria.

The Company maintains and develops a skilled and flexible workforce dedicated to consistently achieving the Company’s Quality Policy and Objectives.

Key aspects in the achievement of the policy includes:

Attention to detail at all stages of identifying customer requirements.

Operating to a principle of continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Selection and procurement of products that conform to relevant and recognised standards.

Handling products in a manner that preserves their quality.

The Managing Director takes a proactive role in the operation and monitoring of the Quality System to ensure continued and effective implementation of the Quality Policy including regular reviews to ensure that the Quality Policy remains compatible with the business operation and any changes to customer requirements whether stated or implied.