Features and Applications

D38999 Series III connector receptacles are cylindrical

connectors, designed for highest performance capabilities, and used in both general purpose and severe environment applications.

These connectors feature a one-turn coupling system, utilizing self-locking triple start ACME thread. ACME threads provide coupling durability, while thicker wall sections and greater coupling surface are improve strength, shock resistance and EMI shielding. Blunting of the threads on both receptacle and plug coupling nut eliminates cross threading.

Square flange, jam nut, solder and welding receptacles are available in 9 shell sizes and insert arrangements utilizing sizes 22D, 20, 16, 12 and 8 contacts.

Customer-specific design can be proposed for special application. Please call us on 01684 276688 with your individual requirements.

These hermetic connectors are available in stainless steel material, passivated or nickel plated. Other materials can be proposed for special application. Again, please contact us with details and we will endeavor to meet your needs.


MIL-STD-1560 Insert Arrangement

D38999 Series III hermetic connectors use standard insert arrangement.


Scoop Proof Design

Recessed pins in elongated shells minimise the possibility of contacts damage. In a blind mating application, mating shells cannot ‘scoop’ the pins and cause a shorting or bending of contacts.

Interfacial Pin Insert Seal

Raised moisture barriers around each receptacle pin, which mate into lead-n chamfers of the plug hard face socket insert, provide individual contact sealing.

Glass Insulator

These hermetic connectors are designed with sintered compression glass as an insulator.


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