Dax Press Releases


American Micro Products Inc. (March 2013)

DAX International are proud to announce our partnership with American Micro Products Inc. as their UK, European and Russian Hermetic Connector Distributor.

American Micro Products Inc. (AMPI) is a world-class manufacturer of circular and glass-to-metal hermetically sealed electrical connectors. Their Qualified Product List (QPL) consists of:

MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II and III

MIL-DTL-83723 Series III

MIL-DTL-26500 Bayonet and Threaded

American Micro Products Inc. also build commercial equivalents to:

MIL-DTL-26482 Series I and II and the MIL-DTL-5015 Series.

In addition to products where AMPI have QPL Listings, they also have the ability to manufacture Industrial/Commercial Hermetic Connectors against customer requirements and drawings. These can often be found in industries such as Oil & Gas, Down Hole Drilling and Marine applications.

Since 1951, American Micro Products has been a well-respected leader in the field of precision-machined components. Their global expertise and capabilities in micro and high precision manufacturing has allowed them to uniquely serve a variety of high technology markets.

With over 50 years in the manufacturing business, they have invested in technology and assembled what we believe to be the key elements of a successful organisation in meeting the needs of their customers and partners worldwide.

AMPI also provide custom design terminal seals, transducers, scoop-proof connectors, custom high voltage applications and harsh environment connectors.

With AMPI’s manufacturing and technical expertise and dedication to service, we offer you, the customer the perfect solution for your Hermetic requirements.

Bizness Magazine

June 2006

Dax International Limited is a stocking distributor who specialises in the supply of connectors and accessories to the Aerospace and Defence industries.

Our ability to listen to customers needs combined with our proven consistency in achieving on-time delivery has already earned Dax an enviable reputation.

Our knowledge of the connector industry and our association with USA and European manufacturers allows us to satisfy your connector requirements, large or small.

Our staff have 35 years experience in the industry enabling us to identify connector MIL-SPEC eg D38999, MIL-C-26500, M83723 amongst many others, as well as recognising proprietary part numbers pf major manufacturers including ITT Cannon, Deutsch, Aero-Conesys, Amphenol, Pyle National & Souriau to name but a few.

ISO 9001:2000 approved.


IML Group Magazine

June 2005

“Souriau UK’s new distribution agreement with specialist, Dax International”


Souriau UK has signed a major new full-line MIL Aero connector distribution agreement with Dax International, an independent connector distributor that specialises in procurement and supply chain management for the aerospace and defence industries. “We at Souriau UK are reinforcing the company’s distribution strategy for further expansion in the UK’s high-end connector market where we see considerable potential for growth in the next few years” says Peter Herbert, GM Souriau UK.


Business News

June 2002


Dax International Limited, Specialists in Aerospace and Defence Connector Distribution, are proud to be associated with Moog Controls Ltd and wish them every success for the future.


Gloucestershire Echo Business and Finance

Tuesday, April 3rd 2001

“Dax gets ready for take off”


A Husband and Wife team from Cheltenham is taking on the multi-million pound aerospace industry.

Alan and Glenda Buck established Dax International last year, supplying thousands of electronic connectors to the aviation industry.

Just 10 months on, the firm has notched up orders of £500,000 and the couple have confounded their bank manager by staying in the black.

Working from the Green Lane Business Park in Tewkesbury, the firm imports around 75 percent of its components from suppliers in the US and sells to major UK firms.

Mr Buck, 49, said: “We’ve just finished the financial year and it’s been phenomenal. Even the bank manager’s happy.” He believes Dax has found its niche by simply supplying customers quickly. “I felt that if we could provide that service, we could have a nibble of a very large cake.”

Dax International has just taken on its first member of staff and hopes to double its turnover.