KPI Records Statement

Since the formation of Dax International Limited, the Senior Management has continually assessed the Company’s performance in all areas of its operations to ensure that the Quality of products and associated services provided to customers remains at a level that satisfies, and in many instances, exceeds the requirements and expectations of those customers. This has been achieved by investment in the latest technology to ensure that communications, both internally and externally are effective and efficient, and also this technology has been adapted to enable actual performance to be measured and analysed to provide Management with regular data to enable an accurate assessment of the Company’s ongoing performance. Coupled with feedback from external sources, the Company is able to identify areas where real improvements can be made for the benefit of both Dax International and its customers.

In accordence with the requirements of ISO 9001, Senior Management continually review the effectiveness of its Quality Management System in terms of achieving its Quality Policy and Objectives and takes the appropriate action wherever an opportunity for improvement is identified. In addition to this continual process, formal, recorded reviews are held regularly to demonstrate that this important process is being implemented and maintained. It is quite normal for members of staff to be included in these reviews, which provides a valuable input from staff and involves them in a number of decision making processes.

Internal auditing is used to monitor the effective maintenance of the Quality Management System and that it remains effective in achieving the Company’s policy and objectives, and at the same time checking that the associated documentation continues to be correct and accurate. Once again, staff are fully involved in this process, which has the added benefit of enabling them to make contributions to identifying opportunities for improving the processes for which they are responsible. Such audits are conducted by an external auditor to ensure that they are made in an objective manner.

The Company has identified Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that directly relate to its policy and objectives. The majority og these KPI’s are based on numeric values generated from actual measurements produced from day-to-day operations. Typically these include (but are not restricted to):

Time taken to respond to Customer Enquiries

Customer Returns

Time taken to close Customer Returns

Supplier Delivery Performance

Dax Delivery Performance

Senior Management has allocated targets for these processes and the results for each KPI’s are regularly reviewed to assess performance. As appropriate, members of staff responsible for the respective processes are involved in the review. In the event of an adverse result, the IT system enables a rapid and accurate analysis of the data held in the system to provide precise reasons for the shortfall, so that the appropriate action can be identified and taken to prevent recurrence of the cause. In addition, targets are regularly reviewed, and revised where considered appropriate, to maintain a policy of continual improvement. Furthermore, the list of KPI’s is also reviewed to ensure that the KPI’s themselves remain valid and appropriate to the business, and simultaneously, due consideration is given to whether any additional KPI’s might be added to the list to enhance the overall process.