Dax International Environmental Policy

Welcome to our report on the Social, Environmental, and Ethical performance of Dax International. This Environmental Policy details the individual points of our plan, explains how we do business, what we have already achieved and what we aim to achieve in the future. Each section, Climate Change and the Environment, Waste Management, Philanthropy and Health have been broken down into further sub-sections to give the reader a more detailed analysis of exactly what Dax has committed itself to.

‘Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment by a business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families aw well as the local community and society at large’ – Statement from World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Section One – Climate Change and The Environment – Making our operations more efficient.

1.1 Courier Logistics

In order to affect maximum environmental control Dax International has recently changed its courier. All UK and US shipping is now controlled by one company, FedEx, maximising efficiency and lowering both costs and environmental impact.

The chosen provider holds its own high standards of environmental policy; it recognises that the long term health of business is directly connected to the planet and local communities, which means that we know exactly the impact we are having on climate change. Below are detailed points which relate to FedEx and how they manage their environmental impact. For information about FedEx please follow this link to their website:


1.1.1 – Fuel

By optimising its fleet and working closely with customers FedEx is able to enhance its efficiencies and reduce the customers overall environmental footprint.

“Total fleet miles have been cut by 13.7% since 2005 saving over 45 million gallons of fuel and 452,573 metric tonnes of CO2 Emissions” – www.fedex.com

FedEx has also made recent advancements in reducing emissions and fuel use its aircraft fleet.

“90 Boeing 727 Aircraft have been replaced by Boeing 757 planes that lessen the environmental impact – reducing fuel consumption up to 36% whilst providing 20% more capacity” – www.fedex.com

During the past 5 years FedEx has worked to optimise its delivery routes and ensure that it uses the most efficient sized vehicle on each route. As a result of these efforts, one-forth of its fleet has been converted to smaller more fuel efficient vehicles, saving more than 50 million gallons of fuel.

For more information about Alternative Energy please follow the link below:


1.1.2 – Recycling

FedEx have extensive recycling programmes in place which allow them not only to reduce waste but to educate young people about the benefits of environmental conservation.

For more than a decade FedEx has worked to minimise the environmental impact of its packaging wherever possible by using recycled content and maximising recyclability. The majority of packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled; as a result all of the packaging used at Dax has a recycled content: Envelopes are made from 100% recycled content and are recyclable. 10kg and 25kg boxes contain a minimum of 70% recycled content and are recyclable. And all paks contain 60% recycled content and can be recycled at select locations.

1.1.3 – Paper

Numerous paper and packaging materials used by FedEx contain post-consumer recycled (PCR) fibre, which comes from paper that was used and then recycled by consumers. 75% of all paper offerings used by the courier contain recycled material. Our courier also has a long standing dedication to forest protection and conservation. To read more please follow the link below:


1.1.4 – Noise

FedEx is “sensitive to community concerns about airport noise and supports a national noise policy that considers both the aviation industry and the neighbourhoods in close proximity to airports” – www.fedex.com

As a result FedEx has taken steps to reduce noise levels.

“All FedEx aircraft meet federal noise certification standards and comply with FAA Stage 3 noise requirements, they have also reduced the number of aircraft auxiliary power units when the planes are on tarmac” – www.fedex.com.

This effort has helped drastically reduce fuel use and noise levels.

1.2 – Cycle to Work Scheme

Dax supports the government initiative ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ which promotes healthier journeys to work and a reduction in environmental pollution. Under this scheme employers loan cycles and cyclists’ safety equipment to employees as a tax free benefit. This exemption comes as part of the governments’ Green Transport Plan which encourages employees to cycle to work and allows employers to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.

1.3 – Energy Efficiency

Dax is continually working to reduce the amount of energy that is used in offices and stores and is also achieving an improvement in its fuel efficiency.

Dax supports the Cycle to Work Scheme which encourages employees to leave their cars at home, promoting a healthier lifestyle and a reduction in environmental pollution by lowering petrol emissions.

Dax has also consolidated both its deliveries and despatches. As a result, more packages are shipped at once, reducing the number of trips made by our courier and therefore the amount of energy consumed per visit.


Section Two – Waste Management – Reducing waste from our stores, offices and distribution centre. Reducing packaging and ensuring that it’s easy to recycle.

2.1 – Packaging

With current legislation and a strong focus in the media, packaging is becoming an increasingly important issue to all businesses. Dax has recently hired Grundon Waste Management Ltd as its Waste Management Contractor as a result of their strong environmental policies. Grundon are responsible for the collection of all recyclable waste from Dax on a fortnightly basis. Dax also aims to optimise the amount and type of packaging its uses through improved business efficiency, increasing the amount of packaging that is made from more sustainable raw materials and ensuring that all packaging can be easily reused, recycled or composted.

2.1.1 – Cardboard

Dax has cut down the amount of cardboard packaging used in its despatch considerably. Often, more than one consignment is sent in the same delivery conserving packaging and fuel. All packaging is reused wherever possible and anything unusable is disposed of responsibly.

All cardboard boxes that are purchased by Dax have at least 70% recycled content. All envelopes are made 100% from recycled content and all are disposed of using our waste collection contractor. Once collected by Grundon, they are sorted using several mechanical sorting processes during their journey through a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF’s) The sorted material will then be handpicked and recycled back into ‘new’ paper or sent to a cardboard or paper mill for re-processing.

2.1.2 – Paper

Dax is currently trialing the use of 100% recycled paper in its offices. This is purchased from a stationary supplier that has achieved a Carbon Neutral status and is shredded and recycled at the end of its life at Dax. All shredded paper is collected by Grundon, is handpicked and either recycled back to ‘new’ paper or sent to a paper mill for re-processing; making sure that Dax involvement has minimal effect on the environment.

2.1.3 – Plastic Packets

The plastic packaging that is used in Dax consignments comes from two sources. Any packets that have been sent from suppliers are reused in deliveries wherever possible, however when covering shortfalls Dax only buys plastic that has 85% recycled content. All mixed plastics are recycled wherever possible and are collected again by Grudon and are re-processed for use in making pipes for cabling, plastic guttering and drain pipes and also a variety of garden furniture.

2.2 – Consumables

Over recent months Dax has improved its use of recycled and recyclable materials in consumable items used in our offices and stores. We are now more aware of where the items we consume come from and what happens to them when we dispose of them, creating a completely closed loop. The majority of office supplies are purchased from a company with strong environmental policies and a full range of green products.

2.2.1 – Ink Cartridges

In recent months Dax has invested in a series of new printers which have draft settings to conserve ink where possible, they also run using recycled, compatible ink cartridges that have been factory cleaned and are refilled to maximum capacity (up to 4 times more than when originally filled.)

Dax recycles all of its empty cartridges, from home and office, using the ‘Recycool’ scheme. Ink cartridges are collected and given to a local school which sends them to be re-filled and re-used or recycled across the world. In return the school recieves money to buy new equipment.

Every ink cartridge recycled conserves approximately 1 litre of oil.

2.2 – Mobile Phone Handsets

Dax also recycles all of its used Mobile Phone Handsets using the ‘Recycool’ Scheme.

2.3 – No Operating Waste to Landfill

Dax does not send any operational waste to landfill.

2.4 – Batteries

All batteries that are consumed at Dax are recycled using the BatteryBack scheme. Under this scheme, all batteries are taken to a local recycling centre where they are collected, taken apart, magnetic and non magnetic metal fractions removed, and the plastics are re-processed resulting in at least 55% of the gross weight of the battery being re-used.

2.5 – Ditch Paper, Go Digital

All Invoices, Credits, and Statements are sent electronically from Dax. Dax also encourages all of its suppliers to send Invoices and Statements electronically reducing postage fees and paper usage.

Dax’ electronic document management system provides a framework to store, organise and process electronic documents, improving efficiency and cutting costs as well as ensuring Dax becomes paper free. This sytems has dramatically reduced the amount of paper that is held in the offices at Dax and will continue to make an invested impact into the future. As a result, Dax no longer hires a facility to store all of its archived documents; all have been shredded and recycled responsibly.

Each staff member at Dax has added an environmental statement at the end of each of their outgoing email stating ‘Consider the Environment. Think before you print’ urging all customers to think of the volume of paper they use daily and print less.

2.6 – The new ‘Green Bag’

Dax use ‘The Green Bag’ in which to dispose of its recycling. This is a 100% recycled bag made in the UK from British Farm waste that might otherwise be sent to landfill. Once the recycling has been collected the bags are sent for re-processing and are used in making pipes for cabling.

2.7 – WEEE Regulation

Dax comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) by disposing of all waste office equipment responsibly.

2.8 – Waste Collection Contractors

Grundon Waste Management Ltd, Dax’ waste collection contractors were chosen as a result of their strict environmental policies.

“The waste management sector provides an important environmental service by dealing with the waste generated by society. This service has environmental impacts and waste management companies must be able to measure these impacts in order to manage them.” – www.grundon.com.

Grundon has produced a number of Corporate Environmental Reports since 2000, which set out the company’s performance against a core set of environmental indicators. Full Environmental Policies can be found upon visiting their website www.grundon.com.

2.9 – Package Labeling

By the end of 2012 we aim to label all of our packaging with the WRAP and Recycle Now symbols to urge our customers to take more responsibility of their environmental footprint and to carry on the recycling process.

2.9.1 – WRAP

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) believes in resource efficiency, using natural resources in the most effective way, as many times a possible, while minimising the impact of their use on the environment. WRAP works with partners to prevent waste, promote recycling and develop markets for valuable products. WRAP works with the public providing information and tools that support recycling and reduces waste. This helps bring measurable gains to the economy and long term benefits to the environment.

2.9.2 – Recycle Now

The recycle mark is a call for action. It means that the item should be recycled or re used wherever possible. This labeling system has commenced at Dax International and we aim to label all of our packaging correctly by the end of 2012.

2.10 – Mailing Solutions

Through personalisation, automation and data driven intelligence, we have lowered the costs of mailing both financially and environmentally. Our mail distributors are committed to avoid and reuse fuel, energy and water consumption and waste creation wherever possible.


Section 3 – Philanthropy

3.1 – ‘Recycool’ for schools

Recycool is the number one recycling and fundraising programme for schools in the UK. Through donating all of its used ink cartridges, and mobile phone handsets, Dax supports Mitton Manor Primary School, based in Tewkesbury, who takes part in this scheme.

Printer cartridges and mobile phone handsets collected by the school are recycled, refilled and put back into the consumer cycle as an environmentally friendly option. The school then receives payment for their recycled items and can buy new equipment of their choice.

3.2 – RoHs

Whilst Dax makes every effort to supply products in accordance with ROHS rules and regulations, we will make exceptions to this if instructed by our customer.

3.3 – REACH

Whilst Dax International, being a distributor of components, has no obligation under REACH rules and regulations, we do make every effort to ensure that all products supplied are in accordance with REACH. We will however make exceptions to this if instructed by our customer.

3.4 – Culture

Dax International was established to provide the global aerospace and defence industry with a comprehensive line of ‘just in time’ interconnect products, backed by expertise and enthusiasm. In our years of trading we have developed an enviable reputation for customer service by listening to our customers and giving them what they want, when they want it.

Dax was formed in June 2000 by Alan Buck, having gained 30 years experience in the purchasing and supply of mil-spec components and connectors for the aerospace and defence industries. At Dax we have a clear vision for our customers, our practices, our employees and our environment. This knowledge leads us to the conclusion that despite a rapidly changing market place there are certain expectations that do not change. We have built our success on combining the sourcing and purchasing knowledge that comes from years of experience with a total dedication to service.

The highest of these by far is customer service. It may be speed of delivery, full traceability, price, or fast turnaround of quotation to name but a few. We believe that by taking the time to listen and understand the areas that are important to our customer, we will be able to tailor our service accordingly.

This ensures that Dax International consistantly provides the high levels of support required for the customer to achieve their objectives. It does not stop there, by operating within the framework of ISO 9001:2008 and having a clearly defined quality statement with support procedures, we believe that we are able to concentrate on delivering to those exacting standards consistently, thereby building a long standing, mutually beneficial partnership.

Quality is not optional in the component industry, but at Dax we go further. We have set out to make sure that for our clients there are no question marks where quality is concerned. All components are fully traceable, right back to the production line. Our monthly quality audits ensure that we maintain the highest possible standards in terms of both product and service.

In an industry which is increasingly dominated by big-company attitudes, we give clients the levels of attention and response they thought had gone forever. Our customers tell us we take the pain out of component sourcing, we source components worldwide, keeping tabs on suppliers so we know who can supply the parts we need, when we need them. Around 70% of our components are sourced from the USA.

We believe that systems should serve people, not the other way round – so you won’t catch us hiding behind tediously long lead times. In an industry where delivery is typically quoted at 10-24 weeks, the Dax norm is just 3-4. Although many of our clients were won over to Dax by our superb response on priority orders, we regularly manage programmed orders and will prepare delivery schedules and prices to suit your needs. The bottom line is we will source and deliver what you need, when you need it, and with no compromise on quality.

We’ve always taken our responsibilities to the environment seriously but we have not always communicated these values and achievements effectively. Doing business in a responsible way underpins our values of quality, service and trust and we are working with our customers and suppliers to combat the effects we have on climate change, waste management and responsible buying.

3.5 – Supporting Local Communities

Since its formation in 2000 Dax has continued to make charitable contributions to various organisations both in the local community and nationally. Below are the details of some of our chosen contributions.

3.5.1 – Safe 4 Kids Initiative for Gloucestershire

“Safe 4 Kids is an organisation committed to helping keep our children safer in todays modern world.” –  www.safe4kids.org.uk

Using their unique resources Safe4Kids aim to capture the imagination of children and adults alike by entertaining and informing them in a way that they find fun and enjoyable. Safe4Kids alongside businesses, educationalists and emergency services believe it is important to make children aware of the dangers they may encounter whilst encouraging their natural sense of adventure.

“For many Parents and Teachers using computer technology can create an almost pathological fear. However, it is important that we are familiar with the correct way to use it in order to moderate and guide our children.” – www.safe4kids.org.uk

As a result they have ‘designed a range of entertaining safety literature aimed not only at getting children’s attention and educating them on specific safety topics, but also educating adults about the modern danger children face these days.’

An Information Pack and CD have been donated by Dax to Mitton Manor Primary School to use as an education tool.

3.5.2 – Selex Galileo S&AS Charity Challenge Golf Day

Dax has contributed sponsorship of the Selex Galileo Charity Challenge Golf Day on many occasions, it runs in support of two charities, the first the ‘Diane Wishart Appeal’ and the second ‘Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres.’

The Diane Wishart Appeal and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Marie Curie Cancer Care was established in 1948, the same year as the NHS. Today, ‘more than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals help provide care for terminally ill patients in the community and in our hospices, along with support for their families.’ – www.mariecurie.org.uk

See www.geocities.com/diane.wishart/DianeW.html for Diane’s story.

Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres

A Maggie’s Centre is a place to turn to for help with any of the problems, small or large, associated with Cancer.

“The Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centre’s Trust was founded by Maggie Keswick Jencks in 1995 to provide support for the people affected by Cancer, their families, carers and friends to empower people to live with, through and beyond cancer.” – www.maggiescentres.org

“Under one roof you can access help with information, benefits advice, and psychological support both individually and in groups, courses and stress reducing strategies. You don’t have to make an appointment, or be referred and everything we offer is free of charge. It is there for anybody who feels the need for help, which includes those who love and look after someone with cancer, who often feel as frightened and vulnerable as those who actually have the disease.” – www.maggiescentres.org

3.5.3 – Tewkesbury Tigers Junior Rugby Team (TRFC)

Dax has contributed sponsorship to Tewkesbury Tigers (TRFC) Junior Rugby Team over recent years. This has bought training kit, a new strip and has helped to subsidize away match trips.

3.5.4 – Twyning Horse Show

Twyning Horse Show has been running for over 30 years. It is a local village show with a total of eight rings and a wide selection of classes for all ages including Showing, Show Jumping and Gymkhana Events.

The show has grown in size over the years but still has a friendly atmosphere. All monies raised are given to local charities and the show is well supported by local businesses and residents of Tewkesbury.

Dax International is proud to have sponsored the show over recent years. The show is entered annually by one of our employees, Jackie Hughes, on her horse, Snaffles.

Supported charities include – Chrohns Research in Childhood Appeal, County Air Ambulance and Tewkesbury Sea Cadets.

3.5.5 – Bishops Cleeve Football Club

On two occasions Dax has entered a Golf Tournament at Puckrup Hall Golf Club in support of Bishops Cleeve Football Club.

3.5.6 – Cancer Research UK Christmas E-Cards

For a number of years Dax chose to send its buyers and suppliers E-Cards in support of Cancer Research UK as an alternative to posting their own. This not only cut down the amount of card, postage and petrol that was used, but for every card sent a donation was made to the Cancer Research charity.

3.5.7 – New Designers 2008

New Designers 2008 was an exhibition of Graduate Design, from Graphic and Product Design to Aviation, Architecture, Jewelery, Fashion and Textiles. Over 4,000 graduates showed their work in the dynamic environment of the Business Design Centre, Islington, conscious audiences passed through the doors, establishing New Designers as a premium Graduate event for innovative ideas from the future generation of designers.

11 Product Designers from UWIC, University of Wales Institute Cardiff exhibited during week two of the event, with printing costs covered by Dax. The stand was awarded Runner Up for the ‘Best Stand’ Award during the exhibition.

3.5.8 – Cheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form Centre

A local school in Cheltenham was among the first to be sponsored by Dax. A donation was given for the printing of Yearbooks for both Years 11 and 13 over a number of years.

3.5.9 – Aqua Aid

Each year Dax makes a donation to Christian Aid through Aqua Aid, a company who supply water cooler and dispensing systems to many organisations across the UK. This donation helps to provide safe drinking water  for thousands of people in the Third World every year.


Section Four – Health

4.1 – Staff Pension Scheme

The issue of pensions has become a challenge for all organisations as a result of greater life expectancy and lower than anticipated returns on investments. In response to the Pensions Act 2008 which places a legal duty on employers to enroll their employees into a pension scheme by 2012, Dax has introduced a Pension Scheme for its entire staff two years prior to enforcement.

4.2 – Cycle to Work Scheme

Dax supports the government initiative ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ which promotes healthier journeys to work and a reduction in environmental pollution. Under this scheme employers loan cycles and cyclists safety equipment to employees as a tax free benefit. This exemption comes as part of the Government’s Green Transport Plan which encourages employees to cycle to work and allows employers to reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.

4.3 – Staff Development and Retention

Dax runs a detailed and thorough Staff Development Plan which not only trains each team member in their own role but encourages inter-job training and external development.

Monitored by external audit assessors the Staff Development Plan at Dax follows strict guidelines which are outlined in their Operating Procedures Manual and promotes annual training reviews.

All staff members are trained for two weeks upon commencement of their role in all aspects of the company, promoting job role options from the off. Staff members are then reviewed on an annual basis and are developed according to ability. At Dax we believe this method has lead to our high staff retention rates and a sound work ethic.

In addition to in house training Dax offers to add to its employee’s skill-set by financing external qualifications. Training records are also audited by an external assessor as well as the individual, keeping standards consistently high.

4.4 – Fire, First Aid, Health and Safety

We have assessed the skills of our employees and have appointed First Aid and Fire Officers with new qualifications, policies and specified training days.

4.5 – Helping our employees choose a healthier lifestyle

Dax takes a vested interest in the health of its staff members promoting healthy living and active lifestyles.

4.6 – Work Experience

In past years Dax has been involved in Work Experience Programmes, working with school children who are interested in the Aviation Industry or in Business as a higher education subject.

4.7 – Environmental Policy Champion

Dax has named Kathryn Buck their Environmental Policy Champion. Responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility within the company, Kathryn is point of contact. E-Mail: kathryn@daxinternational.co.uk and she will endeavor to answer your inquiries as fully as she can.

4.8 – Code of Ethics

Over recent months Dax has developed a Code of Ethics which aims to define accepted/acceptable behaviours to promote high standards of practice. The full Code of Ethics can be downloaded from www.daxinternational.co.uk.

4.9 – Diversity

Dax complies with new legislation on Age Discrimination and completes discrimination training with all managers.

4.10 – Involving Customers

Our priority is to continue to work with our customers, employees and suppliers towards achieving the high targets we have set ourselves.