Corporate Social Responsibility 

Welcome to the section of our website where you will find everything Social, Environmental and Ethical about Dax International.

Most importantly, here you will find our full Environmental Policy which you are able to download. Please download the PDF document at the bottom of the page.

On these pages you will also find our Statement of Ethics, our RoHs and REACH Statements, and our Commitments to the Community.

Dax International has just entered it’s eleventh year and is growing month on month. This year we have decided that we mustn’t rest on our laurels, but find new ways in which to strive forwards, setting new presidents in standards, service and ethical values. Dax International has always set itself high quality, service, social and environmental standards, but now we are edging towards a more long term strategy. This led us to the introduction of our Environmental Policy.

Our policy sets out all of our commitments, under four sections, Climate Change and the Environment, Waste Management, Philanthropy and Health. We will use our policy as a plan of action and will aim to meet the new environmental and ethical challenges we face, and respond to the changing demands of our customers and employees.

Our values and principles remain a powerful driver on our continuous journey to be a more sustainable business.

We are committed to driving the business forward in a way that benefits everyone. We are looking at our whole business and asking ourselves one simple question – how and where can we lessen our environmental impact?

To read more please download our full Environmental Policy here:

Dax Environmental Policy



Environmental Policy
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Alan Buck, Managing Director.